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  • 2-rod pin legs

    Two-rod Legs 10mm Steel Bar

  • 3-rod pin legs

    Three-rod Legs 10mm Steel Bar

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    Powder Painted Hairpin Legs

Buying Hairpin table legs online - Frequently Asked Questions

What is www.pinlegs.com ?

We are EU company, we manufacture steel furniture and steel Hairpin Legs for tables

Where your company from ?

We based in Bulgaria,Varna 9022,Sveta Paraskeva street 53

What furniuture do you sell ?

We sell and deliver steel furniture Legs in Europe for home and commercial use

What is your hairpin legs for tables ?

It's a solid steel made table legs from steel rods - for DIY and replacement

May I use your Hairpin Legs for commercial use or resale ?

Yes, we offer our products for business owners and resale

What price for delivery ?

See list of shipping rates on pageDELIVERY RATES

Do you shipping worldwide?

Yes, we do, but price for shipping may be vary - depends on weight and place

What should I do if my shipment is damaged or wrong?

If your shipment was damaged in transit, please contact Customer Service for assistance with your order.

What should I do if my item is defective?

In the event that you have found a defect on hairpin legs, please contact Customer Service for replacement.

Do you ship bulk orders of table legs to stores?

Yes, we currently ship bulk hairpin legs orders to stores.

What price for bulk delivery ?

For bulk customers we offer delivery on your choice - by European cargo companies

Why it isn"t free ?

Because bulk customers have huge discounts and other documentation for each sale

Do you provide documents of sale for business owners ?

Yes - we provide full set of papers for bulk sales of hairpin legs

Who can become your table legs local dealer ?

If you are a business owner, you can use our legs for resale or installations

What kind of steel you use for metal legs?

For hairpin legs we use steel ST3SP from Ukraine

What kind of welding you use for legs?

For hairpin legs we use semi-automatic welding mashines

What kind of cutting you use for bases?

We use laser cutting , sheets thikness 3 mm (or 4-5mm by request)

What model of mounts you use ?

We use 2-pins and 3-pins mounts, laser cutted, with rounded corners, thikness 3 mm

How long do Hair Pin legs may work ?

We garantee 5 year for commercial or personal use.But it seems this legs is once and forewer.

What is the weight of hairpin legs?

1 meter of 10 mm rod is about 610 gms, 12 mm rod - 830 gms - support - 100 gms, so, choose the model and calculate Example - 500 mm 3 rod legs weight will be in (3x0.5mtr = (930gms + 100)= 1030-1050 gms/each) 4 legs kit will be in 4100-4200 gramms, or see our TABLE if weights.

Is your hairpin legs painted or unpainted ?

Basicly,we offer table legs painted by protective coating

What if I need professionally painted legs ?

We do professional painting by vinyl for bulk orders for extra fee

What is quality proof you can provide ?

Our hairpin legs is certified ISO 9001 in Europe

Is there any other use for hairpin legs ?

You can use our legs as You want - for decoration or DIY stuff

Hairpin legs may be used in outside house?

Yes,our table legs may be used as garden furniture parts

Do you sell DIY kits for handcraft?

Yes, we sell bare steel legs for DIY and handcraft - please, contact us if so

How can I order a hairpin DIY kit from you ?

Place your order in our online form - just off the all extras

What DIY kits do you sell ?

We sell any sizes and amounts - from one up to 1000 each

Can I buy a various kits from you with local pick-up ?

Yes,we open for cooperation - dealers and installers welcome

Is it difficult to assemble new table with DIY kit ?

Our workers do it in one hour, using only screws and screwdriver

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order using MasterCard, Visa, AmEx,Maestro , Paypal

Can I have a different billing address to my delivery address?

Yes,but the billing and shipping address can be only inside Euro Union delivery

What currency can I pay with?

You can pay with Euros (EUR).

When will I receive my order and whos will it be delivered by?

Hairpin legs kits we deliver by SPEEDY or DPD, or local companyies
normally, it takes 1 week.Else, you'll be informed on terms extra

How we can make the contract with you ?

We can make contract by fax, email or at the online auction

Where can I pick-up my hairpin legs by my self ?

Yes, in Varna - in our depot or Homemax store

Should I pay for local pick-up ?

No, local pick-up is 100% FREE

What the weight of Hairpin Legs ?

Depends on size - from 1.5 up to 2.8kgs per each

Do you do delivery bulk orders? Who is deliver ?

Yes, we do delivery all over Europe by delivery companies

Do you combine shipping for hairpin legs ?

Yes, we combine shipping for multiple items, and do discount for shipping

Do you deliver to Turkey ?

Yes, we do

What locations do you deliver ?

Whole EuroUnion, RO, SL, GR, IT, TR, SLV, SRB, CHR, BG, MN, MD and more

How should I pay the deposit for bulk orders?

To our bank account to PostBank BG or via Paypal or cash,after contract done.

Do you offer discounts ?

Yes, we do discount for all business sales - for amount over EUR 3000

Have more questions about hairpin legs?

Steel Hair pin Legs - it's easy

HairPin Legs mounted on Table

Hairpin Legs are easy to install to any table, use any screwdriver for create new item or fix old favorite tableplate - DIY and Save .

Original Hairpin 3-rod Legs

Original 3-rod hairpin legs

Metal table legs have simple lines that show style and simplicity. The bare steel table legs goes great for a classic industrial or classic modern look. Our table legs can easily be painted or coated to get the look you wish.


The hairpin legs is great for office and home use

  • 100mm - low cabinet,desk
  • 150mm - Sideboard,desk
  • 200mm - Furniture support
  • 300mm - Bench,Low table
  • 400mm - Bench,stool,bed
  • 500mm - Small tables,beds
  • 600mm - Desk Hairpins
  • 710mm - Dinning Tables
  • 850mm - Bar stools,work desk

We inform all our customers that our Hairpin Legs are 100% made in the Euro Union from raw steel that is produced at a local steel plants. You never find a made in China made stickers on any of our pinlegs.

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