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Buy epoxy-top table or order epoxy top online

Pinlegs.com presents tables of noble wood, high-quality oak wood, beech and combinations of wood with epoxy resin. Our tables are characterized by high strength, aesthetics and harmony. Epoxy table options: Dining tables. This is the central place of the kitchen or dining room, symbolizing family values ​​and traditions. Bar tables. An alternative to dining tables, emphasize modern style and multifunctional. Coffee tables - organically fit into the design of the living room. Practicality combined with the elegance of the wood will make the coffee table a wonderful detail of your interior. Coffee tables. These small tables of solid wood with epoxy resin will decorate your favorite place in the house. Tables for the street. The material for outdoor furniture has special requirements, as it is exposed to the environment. Epoxy is resistant to moisture, does not dry out in the sun and is not damaged by insects. For outdoor tables, this is an ideal option. Many of our unique reclaimed wood counter tops are custom made to your exact specifications with a mix of eco-friendly salvaged hardwoods will be the centerpiece of the new kitchen remodel. If you are looking for a classy counter top you will be sure to get a one-of-a-kind piece for your home. Top is finished with sealed Epoxy resin for a solid surface showing the natural beauty of the oak or beech wood covered by resin. Average pricing for a one square meter (1m2) top starts from 500.00 euro** For most custom tables pricing ranges from Eur 500.00 to Eur1200.00 a square meter depending on the style you are looking for. Just contact us to create a custom order and we will build something specifically for your needs. Simple, straight forward pricing based on square metrage - no tricks or hidden costs. We will be happy to build small epoxy table tops but there is a Euro 350 minimum, excluding shipping. When you're ready to purchase just send as a message through Email support@pinlegs.com with your exact dimensions, color, and other wishes. We will reply with a link the same day so you can place your order.
Also, we offer table tops from Oak and beech wood without epoxy (oil covered only) - avaliable for sale with custom metal frames as a complete kit or without (wooden tops only) 25 mm thickness - from Eur 240 per square meter 40 mm thickness Eur 350 per square meter

Interested in carrying our products in your shop or wholesale orders? - Drop us an email right now:

Custom made tables of solid wood combined with epoxy resin is a real hit not only for connoisseurs of natural materials, but also for those who prefer to surround themselves with beautiful and original furniture. Strict and strong, a table made of natural wood with inlays looks equally good in the living room or kitchen. In this gallery of custom furniture you will find a most interesting tables suitable for you from wood combined with epoxy resin, which will fit 100% organically into the interior, regardless of the design of the room. One of the most worthy places in the interiors is occupied by tables from solid wood of valuable species in combination with colored phosphors. The advantages of such furniture are that it is natural, comfortable, adds luxury and "taste" to the room. These tables fit seamlessly into any design, whether it's a cozy dining room or kitchen, study room or business office. Prices for tables from slabs depend on the specific material.
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