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  • 2-rod pin legs

    Two-rod Legs 10mm Steel Bar

  • 3-rod pin legs

    Three-rod Legs 10mm Steel Bar

  • table legs sizes

    Powder Painted Hairpin Legs

HairPin Legs and shipping (EUR) Prices:

Length (mm) Price per 4 Germany AU UK FR NL IT
- 150 Cabinet € 20.00 € 15.00 € 21.00
- 200 Furniture € 20.00 € 15.00 € 21.00
- 300 Coffee table € 20.00 € 15.50 € 21.00
- 400 Bench € 20.00 € 15.00 € 21.00
- 500 Papers table € 25.00 € 15.00 € 25.00
- 600 Desk € 25.00 € 15.00 € 25.00
- 700 Dinning table € 25.00 € 15.00 € 25.00
- 850 Bar stools € 25.00 € 15.00 € 25.00

Delivery to Germany Special offer - any orders to 30 kgs - 15.00 EUR.

Buy Hairpin Legs with Us

Pinlegs.com is number one seller of hairpin legs in Europe at low price - if you're looking to buy metal legs - you're in right place to buy steel made hairpin legs. No more waiting, no custom duty, we offer low price with fast delivery hairpin legs for Euro Union - compare our prices, and you coudn't find hairpin legs cheaper than ours at ebay,ikea,itsy or anywhere online.We use low prices level in south europe for to deliver our customers hairpin legs at lowest price, without loses of quality. The stability, reliability and appearance of your table depends on the correct choice of furniture supports -  Pinlegs.com provides for the customers a very wide choice of this kind of accessories like hairpin legs for tables. All our metal legs are distinguished by exquisite design and excellent quality. The most popular among the our customers who appreciate such qualities as high reliability and durability, use our hair pin legs for the tables building. And indeed, the advantages of solid steel are obvious and well-known, because the our hairpin legs are able to withstand even the heavy worktop made of wood or even stone, are easy to operate and clean. Also, steel legs from pinlegs.com fit perfectly into any interior, so Welcome shop >>

Metal furniture Legs

Steel legs - a ready-made, cheap, modern and fast solution for those who need a practical and durable table that can fit into any interior, whether restraint of office space, cozy home environment or strict personal cabinet. The range and color scale of the metal hairpin legs allow you to highlight your workplace most vividly, highlight it in the general picture or even smooth it with a common background. Metal pin Legs for table are the modern bestseller of the accessories of office desks - because this is the cheap, smart and easy way to create new furniture or restore your favorite old table for ever. Steel hairpin legs have a lot of pluses,unreachable to other kinds of furniture. Iron legs easy to mount and demount for any moving. The worktop is attached to the hairpin legs in the supports and fasteners by any screws.The perfect quality of welding and painting gives the metal legs the necessary aesthetic appeal. Our modern legs may be dyed by polymer-powder paint in any color and may be repainted by you self any time when you need to fresh the interior.

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Hairpin Legs for any use

Most often, metal legs are associated with furniture in the style of high-tech, minimalism and modern, but also, can be used in the classic interior or when decorating a children's room. So thanks to the steel legs your room can turn into a real art object. For example, chrome legs in combination with glass tops will help to give the interior a modern style of high-tech. Do not forget about the functional tasks, because to date, hairpin legs for the furniture are irreplaceable, in those cases where necessary to eliminate some of the inconveniences associated with the uneven floor. In addition, steel legs are used to create school and children's tables, because if necessary they easily and easily change the height and very strong and safe. Welcome to choose  safe and unbreakable metal legs - place an order for the hairpin legs, contact our support team, we will provide you to low price well done hairpin legs of any size and color. Models  >>

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  • three-rod hairpin legs sizes
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Hairpin Legs - quality and reliability

The quality and reliability depends on the quality and reliability of materials and components. Speaking about furniture, it should be noted that a significant part of the load is on the table legs. Excluding the table top, the support legs is the first place of breakage or wear. The combination of appearance and durability, safety and carrying capacity is a priority when choosing a furniture legs. At www.pinlegs.com you will find the widest choice of metal table legs, bases and supporting structures, supports for the most refined or any case. You can choose the hairpin table legs for any type of furniture - be it strict office furniture, or a fanciful model for cafes and restaurants, a cozy model for your house. Delivery is almost free for Euro Union, and, of course, we ship worldwide. In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of our hairpin legs, we offer our bare steel pin legs at the lowest prices in Europe - so, to choose and buy the steel table legs from right seller with DPD delivery. See prices >>

Steel Hair pin Legs - it's easy

HairPin Legs mounted on Table

Hairpin Legs are easy to install to any table, use any screwdriver for create new item or fix old favorite tableplate - DIY and Save .

Original Hairpin 3-rod Legs

Original 3-rod hairpin legs

Metal legs have simple lines that show style and simplicity. The bare steel table legs goes great for a classic industrial or classic modern look. Our metal legs can easily be painted or coated to get the look you wish.


The hairpin legs is great for office and home use

  • 100mm - low cabinet,desk
  • 150mm - Sideboard,desk
  • 200mm - Furniture support
  • 300mm - Bench,Low table
  • 400mm - Bench,stool,bed
  • 500mm - Small tables,beds
  • 600mm - Desk Hairpins
  • 710mm - Dinning Tables
  • 850mm - Bar stools,work desk

We inform all our customers that our Hairpin Legs are 100% made in the Euro Union from raw steel that is produced at a local steel plants. You never find a made in China made stickers on any of our pinlegs.

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