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  • 2-rod pin legs

    Two-rod Legs 10mm Steel Bar

  • 3-rod pin legs

    Three-rod Legs 10mm Steel Bar

  • table legs sizes

    Powder Painted Hairpin Legs


Pinlegs.com offers low cost and secure delivery services to your door, guaranteed by one of the most developed landline delivery networks in Europe SPEEDY/DPD and Bulgarian Post. Local pick-up for bulk orders if free at our depot in Varna,Bulgaria or shipping will be calculated by customer's request, depends on buyer's choice.

Parcel Tracking

Avaliable at www.speedy.bg - we confirm shipping and providing tracking number via email.

Weight (kgs) Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
Price (Eur) Price (Eur) Price (Eur)
Country Austria,Hungary
Balkan countrys
UK, France,CZ
Ireland, Spain,
Latvia, Lietuva,
Less 5 kgs. 20.00 27.00 37.00
5 - 10 kgs 22.00 30.00 40.00
10 - 31 kgs 24.00 35.00 43.00
Delivery Time Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
2-4 days 4-5 days 5-7 days

Weight of Hairpin Leg Kit of 4 for delivery :

Weight of Hairpin Legs kit depends on length and thickness of pins - so, here you can find average weights of Hairpin Legs Kits for delivery. Using this weight information and shipping Zone (2-3-4) find the cost of shipping for your order. Please, make right choice on DELIVERY option in order form - it help us to handling your order faster and correct. In comon case, if your order hairpins Kit length less than 500mm - your parcel weight up to 5 kgs. For orders with length over 500 mm correct choice is from 5 up to 10 kgs. Multyple kits order option calculated separately at our side - choose option "Not included" at order form - we'll do your invoice separately.

Have more questions about shipping?

Length Two Rods 10 mm Three Rods 10 mm 1/2 - 3 pins
- 150 mm > 2 kgs > 2 kgs > 2.2 kgs
- 200 mm > 2.0 kgs > 2.0 kgs > 2.5 kgs
- 300 mm > 2.0 kgs > 2.5 kgs > 3.0 kgs
- 400 mm > 3.0 kgs > 3.5 kgs > 4.0 kgs
- 500 mm > 3.5 kgs > 4.0 kgs > 4.5 kgs
- 600 mm > 4.5 kgs > 5.5 kgs > 6.5 kgs
- 700 mm > 5.0 kgs > 6.0 kgs > 7.5 kgs
- 850 mm > 7.5 kgs > 8.5 kgs > 10 kgs


Island and Remote Areas Surcharge: For delivery to some islands and remote areas (see the list with post codes) additional fee of Eur 20 is added (including VAT). The following islands have a statute of autonomous provinces and we only offer delivery by our AIR EXPRESS (Zone 4) service: Isle of Man, Guernsey, Canary Islands (Tenerife, Fuerteventura, La Palma), the autonomous cities Ceuta and Melilla .For the German city Büsingen am Hochrhein, located in Switzerland, customs documentation is provided. Restrictions: A shipment may contain one package with maximum weight of 31 kg. Maximum dimensions (the maximum size of the package) up to 175cm. Maximum dimensions in cm: the sum of the length+ the doubled sum of the height and width must not exceed 300cm.If the shipment has left on the territory of the country and is already been handled to our international partner (DPD) we cannot guarantee rerouting to other delivery address or refund to buyer.

Declared value: The price of the service includes insurance of up to 50EUR, including VAT (responsibility of Speedy/DPD). All shipments are insured for 0.5% of declared value + tax (according to IPTA - IPTA-Insurance Premium Tax Added, article 9). The minimum tax of the Declared Value additional service is 9.60 EUR (VAT included).

  • table steel legs
  • steel legs for small table

Steel Hair pin Legs - it's easy

HairPin Legs mounted on Table

Hairpin Legs are easy to install to any table, use any screwdriver for create new item or fix old favorite tableplate - DIY and Save .

Original Hairpin 3-rod Legs

Original 3-rod hairpin legs

Metal legs have simple lines that show style and simplicity. The bare steel table legs goes great for a classic industrial or classic modern look. Our metal legs can easily be painted or coated to get the look you wish.

FAQuestions »

The hairpin legs is great for office and home use

  • 100mm - low cabinet,desk
  • 150mm - Sideboard,desk
  • 200mm - Furniture support
  • 300mm - Bench,Low table
  • 400mm - Bench,stool,bed
  • 500mm - Small tables,beds
  • 600mm - Desk Hairpins
  • 710mm - Dinning Tables
  • 850mm - Bar stools,work desk

We inform all our customers that our Hairpin Legs are 100% made in the Euro Union from raw steel that is produced at a local steel plants. You never find a made in China made stickers on any of our pinlegs.

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