Designer's Table Frames will help to create furniture in contemporary style, and show industrial charm and practicality at the same time, which may perfectly fits into the interior of your living space, becoming its sufficient and significant part of your home.The table supports from steel pipes or strips is a real piece of art in modern furniture. This may be very interesting for anyone engaged in the manufacture of furniture professionally, as well as those who want to make a table with their own hands, while you get not only to enjoy the creative process, but also to save some funds, resulting in a designer hand-made thing at reasonable price, or just save on replacement on your old perfect table and make them "as new" for many years again. Professional furniture makers can now concentrate on design and woodworking, and leave manufacturing metal parts (such as a substructure or hairpins), to entrust to - we working with metal for many years.We can brave recommend using our metal frames with massive slabs and supports, because they have a incredible margin of safety and can easily withstand even very heavy worktops, even from natural stone. Sturdy metal table frames is ideal for a complete set of dining, working and bar tables from wood or epoxy. In production, we use steel profile pipe 80 x 20 x 2 mms, a metal strip 80 x 5 mms, but also other size steel bars and pipes avaliable for bulk and custom orders. Painting of metal parts allways done by original HAMMERITE metal paints or powder thermo-coating for bulk and custom orders. Feel free to aks for custom model by your ideas - we allways open for new cooperation.